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Программа передач Food Network HD

  • 00:25 Girl Meets Farm

    Molly Yeh puts her own twist on traditional recipes for Passover dinner. On the menu are Asian-inspired scallion and a hearty spiced beef pie.

  • 00:47 Girl Meets Farm

    Molly Yeh hosts a tiki party game night with Hawaiian-inspired foods. She serves mouth-watering macaroni salad and creamy macadamia nut pops for dessert.

  • 01:10 Bizarre Foods

    Andrew Zimmern visits Kansas City, where he finds a thriving arts and industrial hub with a small town vibe serving up treasured dishes. Barbecue is still king, but locals are also devoted to a few other sweet specialities.

  • 01:32 Bizarre Foods

    Andrew explores the frontier fare of Denver, Colorado. From classic game meats to the signature green chili sauce of Den-Mex cuisine, Denver has become the region's cultural hub with an abundance of top-shelf food.

  • 01:55 Chopped Junior

    Four outstanding young cooks compete to gain a spot in the finale. The junior chefs must incorporate a guilty pleasure snack into their venison entrees.

  • 02:40 The Kitchen

    The Kitchen is perfecting poultry for spring, starting with Katie Lee's roast chicken with a twist, and the kickoff of the Rotisserie Club with Jeff Mauro's pulled chicken sandwich. Chef John Seymour prepares honey garlic chicken thighs.

  • 03:25 Spring Baking Championship

    The final three bakers create snacks for a groom's welcome basket, before creating their best destination wedding cakes inspired by Mexico, Hawaii and Italy.

  • 04:10 Beat Bobby Flay

    Chef Amanda Freitag invites actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler to help decide who will take on Bobby Flay between Chef Ron Duprat and Chef Gabriel Pascuzzi.

  • 04:32 Beat Bobby Flay

    Canadian chef Lawrence Letrero matches wits with Ohio's Jack Moore for the chance to take on Bobby Flay. Scott Conant and Anne Burrell are the guest judges.

  • 04:55 Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

    Guy's celebrating homeland favourites from all kinds of diverse cultures. In Minnesota, he finds a Mexican restaurant-market combo dishing out tasty tacos al pastor and carnitas tamales. In Denver, he enjoys a unique dessert specialty.

  • 05:17 Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

    Guy's checking out some righteous spots. In Colorado, an NFL pro and Triple-D alum team up on green chilli and mile-high burgers. Then, in Massachusetts, Guy munches on some perfect pickle chips and a savoury scone sandwich.

  • 05:40 The Great Food Truck Race

    Six food truck teams meet up with Tyler Florence in Tampa, where police officers judge a challenge based on the Cuban sandwich. Later, they struggle with stormy weather.

  • 06:25 The Great Food Truck Race

    Tyler Florence gives the five remaining food truck teams a terrifying gator challenge in Fort Myers, FL. They must make a burger that takes creative risks.

  • 07:10 The Great Food Truck Race

    Tyler makes the four remaining food truck teams throw javelins to determine their protein in a skewer challenge. Later, a shake challenge tests their sweet skills.

  • 08:00 The Kitchen

    The Kitchen is welcoming spring with fresh ingredients, starting with Geoffrey Zakarian's juicy pork chops with spring vegetables, Marcela Valladolid's apple peel snacks and Jeff Mauro's veggie top pesto.

  • 08:45 Giada at Home

    Giada makes four healthy recipes that may be low in fat and calories, but are full of amazing flavour. The menu features egg and kale breakfast wraps, roasted vegetables with chipotle cream, and a banana and walnut smoothie.

  • 09:10 Chopped Sweets

    Four chefs craft towering architectural desserts. First they face challenging duck offal and play with chocolate, strawberry and peanut flavours in round two.

  • 09:55 Chopped Sweets

    Flower power meets flour power in a floral-themed dessert competition! Salted blossoms and a flowery cake keep the theme going strong in round two.

  • 10:40 Chopped Sweets

    In a birthday-themed competition, the chefs create celebratory sweets starting with popcorn in the first basket. A piñata brings a blast of fun to round two.

  • 11:25 Best Baker in America

    The seven bakers put their own spin on South Dakota's kuchen. Then for the bake-off challenge they make a new dessert with Minnesota's scotcheroo ingredients.

  • 12:10 Best Baker in America

    The six bakers reinvent Michigan's bumpy cake using the featured flavour of cherries. And, they make a Missouri favourite, mini gooey butter cakes.

  • 12:55 Best Baker in America

    The five remaining bakers reinvent the Boston cream pie using coffee syrup. In the bake-off, they create beautiful plated desserts based on Maine's whoopie pies.

  • 13:40 Best Baker in America

    The bakers get creative with Nevada's Basque cake using chili peppers. Then they combine New Mexico's state cookies, biscochitos, and flan into an original dessert.

  • 14:25 Spring Baking Championship

    Sunny Anderson has the bakers use nail art patterns as inspiration for geometric tarts. Then, they model their edible Easter hats on the bunny-walk.

  • 15:10 Kids Baking Championship

    Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman ask the kid bakers to honour a classic playground game by making blondie hopscotch puzzles! One baker will be hopping home.

  • 15:55 Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

    Guy digs into a righteous mashup of flavours across the country, including a potato-centric palace dishing out hearty Brazilian specialties and a dynamite deli serving up real-deal latkes and turkey pastrami.

  • 16:17 Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

    Guy dives into beef and barbecue in Florida and California, including an authentic Vietnamese spot serving up phenomenal pho and a smokin' barbecue joint where they're even putting their 'cue into lasagna.

  • 16:40 Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

    Guy hits the road looking for the best chicken dinners and finds a rocker mom's favourite chicken, fried Thai wings and a California hot dog spot with unique chicken and waffles.

  • 17:02 Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

    Guy Fieri heats up with spice and cools off with ice! He visits a hot BBQ joint in California, a Cajun spot in Virginia and a Hawaiian place's tropical shaved ice.

  • 17:25 Beat Bobby Flay

    Alex Guarnaschelli and Damaris Phillips decide who should take on Bobby Flay. Will it be Irish chef Maeve Rochford or Indian cuisine enthusiast chef Navjot Arora.

  • 17:48 Beat Bobby Flay

    Dancer Derek Hough and chef Carla Hall decide who should go up against Bobby Flay. Will it be doughnut queen Katy Gerdes or French-trained Olivier Palazzo.

  • 18:13 Beat Bobby Flay

    Giada De Laurentiis and Michael Voltaggio play referee in the battle between Geronimo Lopez and Frances Tariga. Which talented chef will take on Bobby Flay.

  • 18:36 Beat Bobby Flay

    Judges Michael Psilakis and Seamus Mullen step up to take Bobby on. Marcus Samuelsson and Sunny Anderson decide which chef will push Bobby to his limit.

  • 19:00 Alex Vs America

    Alex Guarnaschelli and three skilled chefs from California, Massachusetts and Colorado battle it out with America's favourite protein: bacon.

  • 19:55 Cake Boss: Next Great Baker

    The bakers are asked to create heavy metal cakes complete with pyrotechnics for a very special birthday...and did we mention it is boys vs. girls.

  • 20:40 Battle Of the Decades

    My Big Fat Greek Challenge. Jonathan Bennet celebrates 2002's "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" by challenging the chefs to use moussaka, bacon, Go-GURT, and the Magic Bullet blender.

  • 21:25 Ciao House

    The chefs meet a butcher whose family business is over three centuries old! Plus, they create a menu based around the Bistecca alla Fiorentina.

  • 22:10 Chopped

    Four live-fire cooks are ready to claim the last remaining spot in the tournament's finale. They get lucky with a promise of perfectly porky baskets.

  • 22:55 Guy's Ultimate Game Night

    Guy Fieri and Antonia Lofaso invite Bobby Moynihan, Ron Funches and Bret Michaels to the Flavortown Lounge for a night of ridiculously epic games.

  • 23:40 Kids Baking Championship

    Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman ask the kid bakers to honour a classic playground game by making blondie hopscotch puzzles! One baker will be hopping home.

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