• 00:00 Drug Lords: The Takedown

    S1 E2 Titan Agents discover links between Middle-East terrorists and Colombian cartels.

  • 01:00 Air Crash Investigation

    S9 E7 Crashed and Missing An Air Inter flight crashes into the Vosges Mountains while attempting to land. A look at what caused the accident that killed 96 passengers.

  • 02:00 Trafficked: Underworlds With Mariana van Zeller

    S1 E7 Hash Smugglers Mariana tracks the illicit path of hashish from Morocco into Europe; a world of shadowy dealers, fast smuggling boats and endless wealth.

  • 03:00 Drugs, Inc.

    S7 E10 Silicon Valley High A cop crackdown is making life difficult for cocaine dealer J-Stax, and driving his clients to meth. But a meth habit is hard to hide.

  • 04:00 Made in a Day

    S1 E5 Sneakers New Balance reveal how high-tech machinery, hand crafting skills and global logistics combine to bring their best-selling sneaker to feet, the world over.

  • 04:30 Food Factory

    S1 E24 This Is Toast Today the Food Factory discovers how pecan nuts are transformed into a butter-toasted praline, and later investigates how ice cubes are manufactured on a mass scale.

  • 04:55 Food Factory

    S1 E22 Hitting the Trail Insight into how yoghurt, trail mix, organic sweet apple baby cookies, and vegie burgers are made and distributed.

  • 05:20 Abandoned

    S1 E7 Oil City, Pennsylvania Bank Jay's salvaging crew seeks riches in an old abandoned bank that was built to hold the spectacular fortunes of America's big oil barons.

  • 05:45 Abandoned

    S1 E10 Connecticut Ghost Town The team have the extraordinary opportunity to explore an abandoned town. Jay also makes an unprecedented offer to buy an entire schoolhouse.

  • 06:10 Secrets of the Zoo: Keeper Tales

    S1 E1 Cub Nation It's a busy week at the Columbus Zoo - the staff enlist the zoo's companion dogs to provide some much-needed TLC to three new cheetah cubs.

  • 06:35 Secrets of the Zoo: Keeper Tales

    S1 E3 Penguin Problems Before he loses all his feathers, Dr Katie races to figure out what's keeping feisty penguin Barry from shedding for close to a year.

  • 07:00 Teleshopping

    Presenting the latest products live on television so viewers can order the items they want directly, featuring products ranging from vacuum cleaners and bath towels to sports equipment.

  • 10:00 Food Factory

    S2 E7 Getting Saucy An insight into how Tootsie Pops, pretzels, tiramisu, and ketchup are made and distributed across the world.

  • 10:30 Food Factory

    S2 E10 Double Trouble Sweet and spicy ginger beer, cheesy portable pizza pockets, tart and tangy double lollipops and addictive chocolate toffee nut clusters.

  • 11:00 Drain the Oceans

    S5 E6 Narcos Revealing the drug smuggling routes which make cartels billions each year.

  • 12:00 Nazi Megastructures

    S7 E3 Hell Island Guadalcanal is the glittering prize of the Pacific. Japan are determined to build an airfield on it. But the US have their eyes on it, too. Whoever controls Guadalcanal will potentially win the Second World War.

  • 13:00 World War II: Secrets From Above

    S2 E1 Battle of Britain Summer 1940: Fierce dogfights fill the skies over Southern England, as the pilots of the RAF defend the island from ferocious German bombers.

  • 14:00 World War II: Secrets From Above

    S2 E2 Battle of the Atlantic The longest campaign of the war pits the deadly stealth of the Nazi U-boats against the code-breaking genius and long-range bombers of the Allies.

  • 15:00 Eyewitness WWII: Invasion Italy

    S1 E1 Sicily to Anzio For the first time in World War II, Allied troops invade the beaches of Western Europe and face Axis soldiers in Sicily, Salerno and Anzio.

  • 16:00 Eyewitness WWII: Invasion Italy

    S1 E2 The Breakout Allied soldiers push off the beaches of Anzio, liberate Rome, and battle through the mountains as the Italian Campaign enters its final stages.

  • 17:00 Car S.O.S : Fiesta XR2

    S12 E4 Tim and Fuzz take a trip back in time in a Fiesta XR2, a fast Ford from the 1980s. The car belongs to Brian, who planned to restore the car.

  • 18:00 Car S.O.S : Honda CR-X

    S12 E6 Tim and Fuzz take on their first ever Honda - a 32-year-old CR-X, a pocket rocket that's small in size but big on fun, or was until mice got at it.

  • 19:00 Car S.O.S : Citroen SM

    S12 E3 Tim and Fuzz take on a 1973 Citroen SM, one of the greatest French cars ever made, but this particular one has suffered a catastrophic engine failure.

  • 20:00 Air Crash Investigation

    S24 E6 Fight for Survival There is fire on board of flight 458. The pilots manage to land the plane, but the fire leaves no evidence as to how the fire started. The pilot finally clarifies.

  • 21:00 Air Crash Investigation

    S21 E5 North Sea Nightmare A turboprop narrowly averts disaster after a lightning strike over the North Sea. Investigators uncover an unusual feature in the plane that plays a key role in this calamity.

  • 22:00 Air Crash Investigation

    S24 E1 Terror over the Pacific On the 24th of February 1989, part of the right-side fuselage of United Airlines Flight 811 rips off, ejecting nine people from the aircraft and causing explosive decompression. The flight later lands safely at Honolulu without any more loss of life.

  • 23:00 Air Crash Investigation

    S20 E8 Cockpit Killer LAM Mozambique Airlines Flight 470 is headed for Luanda, Angola when it disappears from radar. Rangers in a remote Namibian park eventually discover the wreckage and NTSB investigators join a local team for their largest-ever case.

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