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  • 00:00 Game of Thrones

    S7 E6 Beyond the Wall At Winterfell, Littlefinger schemes to isolate Sansa, while tensions between Arya and her ssister increase after the discovery of a letter. Jon and his men go beyond the wall to capture a white walker, while Daenerys has to make a tough decision.

  • 01:20 Game of Thrones

    S7 E7 The Dragon and the Wolf Tyrion tries to save Westeros from itself as everyone meets in King's Landing to discuss the fate of the realm, Sansa confronts Arya, while Sam reaches Winterfell, where he and Bran discover a shocking secret about Jon.

  • 02:50 Game of Thrones

    S8 E1 Winterfell The Wall, which has protected the Seven Kingdoms for 8,000 years, has fallen, and the Night King's army of the dead marches towards Westeros. Meanwhile, Jon and Daenerys arrive in Winterfell, and the Stark children are reunited. Starring Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington and Peter Dinklage.

  • 03:55 Game of Thrones

    S8 E2 A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms After arriving at Winterfell, Jaime Lannister is confronted with the consequences of his past mistakes. Meanwhile, Daenerys learns the truth about her relationship with Jon, Brienne of Tarth becomes a Knight, and the army of the dead approach Winterfell. Starring Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington and Peter Dinklage.

  • 05:00 Band of Brothers

    S1 E9 Why We Fight Easy Company makes the grim discovery of a concentration camp when the soldiers finally enter Germany. As the local citizens - who claim they were ignorant of its existence - are forced into a clean-up operation, news arrives that Hitler has committed suicide. Damian Lewis and Donnie Wahlberg star.

  • 06:10 The Gilded Age

    S1 E4 A Long Ladder In the aftermath of a tragedy, George agrees to help Bertha, and a visit has a lasting impact on the staff of Russell house.

  • 07:10 Urban Secrets

    S1 E6 Ep 6 Urban Secrets Alan Cumming explores Newcastle, discovering strange sounds by the river and finding out how traditional culture is being reinterpreted in the Byker district. He goes behind the scenes at Newcastle United with local football hero Peter Beardsley, learns about the history of adult comic Viz from former editor Simon Donald and accompanies comedienne Sarah Millican to her favourite part of the city.

  • 08:05 Urban Secrets

    S1 E7 Ep 7 Urban Secrets Alan Cumming heads across the Irish Sea to Dublin, where he succumbs to the city's famous charm and meets some of its most fascinating characters. On a journey that takes in an 18th-century pleasure house and a burlesque life-painting class, Alan also stops off in Temple Bar for a pint with singer Sharon Corr, unlocks a mystery in Ireland's oldest library and uncovers a stylish secret that lurks behind the steel shutters of an old lock-up.

  • 09:00 Urban Secrets

    S1 E8 Ep 8 Urban Secrets Alan Cumming visits Glasgow, one of his favourite cities, to reveal unusual and often hidden sights and sounds overlooked by the public. Starting at the Necropolis, he travels to the world's oldest music hall before enjoying the views from a city-centre landmark. He also finds the time to take tea with a film star.

  • 10:00 Fish Town

    S1 E1 Ep 1 Fish Town Life in the Devon fishing port of Brixham. Spring is in the air, and the town is a hive of activity as skippers return their pleasure yachts to the water after winter in the dry dock, while the pressure is on for Brixham to look its best for the arrival of Princess Anne, who will officially open the new £20million fish market, and the start of the summer season.

  • 11:00 Fish Town

    S1 E2 Ep 2 Fish Town Brixham plunders Devon's colourful piracy past, playing host to the annual Pirate Festival. Elsewhere, back at sea, fisherman Nathan sets off in search of 'Black Gold'... (2/10).

  • 12:00 Fish Town

    S1 E3 Ep 3 Fish Town Dreams become a reality when 17-year-old Logan takes to the high seas as an apprentice deck hand. Plus, landlady Pat enjoys a trip down memory lane, recalling the old days. (3/10).

  • 13:00 The Sopranos

    S6 E1 Members Only Tony receives a retirement request from one of his associates, and decides to share his recent windfall with Carmela. Later, he is taken on a backyard treasure hunt by Junior, while Hesh seeks revenge against a wrongdoing involving his son-in-law. Starring James Gandolfini.

  • 14:05 The Sopranos

    S6 E2 Join the Club A comatose Tony dreams about being a businessman on a trip marred by mistaken identities, while Carmela and Meadow hold a vigil at his hospital bedside. Silvio takes charge of things at Eugene's funeral in his boss's absence, and Junior is questioned over the shooting.

  • 15:10 The Sopranos

    S6 E3 Mayham Tony's bizarre dream continues, while Paulie and Cary DiBartolo find a vast amount of cash during a raid. Silvio admits to his wife he does not feel ready to be boss and that it is not a position he really wanted to be in. Benny and Murmur take JT to see Christopher, who gives the screenwriter an ultimatum. Gritty crime drama, starring James Gandolfini and Tim Daly.

  • 16:15 The Sopranos

    S6 E4 The Fleshy Part of the Thigh Jason Barone's father dies, leaving him to make a mammoth decision about the future of the family business that ends in a violent confrontation. Paulie learns his aunt's real identity, while a rapidly improving Tony befriends a rapper who has been admitted to the hospital with a gunshot wound.

  • 17:20 The Sopranos

    S6 E5 Mr & Mrs John Sacrimoni Request Johnny Sack is granted temporary leave from prison so he can attend his daughter's wedding, where he puts pressure on Tony to kill Rusty Millio. The gangster agrees, though it is apparent he is still weak from the shooting, so he later tries to prove his strength by picking a fight at the Pork Store. Junior continues to protest his innocence, and lawyers argue over his mental stability.

  • 18:25 The Wire

    S3 E12 Mission Accomplished The media descends on Hamsterdam and Royce finally realises his delay in shutting it down was a mistake. Carcetti is there to capitalise on the bad publicity for the mayor, while a vengeful Burrell ensures Colvin's retirement is not comfortable. As Avon readies his troops for a war against Marlo, the Major Case Unit plans a raid on the Barksdale organisation.

  • 19:35 The Wire

    S4 E1 Boys of Summer As the new school year approaches, four West Baltimore boys wrestle with what to do with the rest of their summer holidays and Prez prepares for his new career as a teacher. Freamon, Greggs, and Sydnor try to get Pearlman to issue subpoenas for key political figures linked to the Barksdale organisation, the mayoral race heats up as Royce and Carcetti hit the campaign trail, and McNulty turns down a promotion.

  • 20:40 The Wire

    S4 E2 Soft Eyes Herc catches Royce in a compromising situation, and Carcetti drops a bombshell on his rival during a televised mayoral debate. While Prez prepares for the start of term, Marlo gives the neighbourhood children money for school equipment and Michael catches his attention by refusing the handout. Bunk finds a murder suspect hard to track down and Bubbles trains an apprentice.

  • 21:45 The Wire

    S4 E3 Home Rooms Royce tries to reverse his ailing fortunes in the polls by taking drastic action against Carcetti, while the new head of the Major Case Unit is not to Freamon and Greggs' liking. The newly domesticated McNulty invites Bunk to dinner with him and Beadie, while Colvin considers an offer to help an academic research violent behaviour. Prez has a rough first day of teaching and Michael impresses Bodie and Marlo.

  • 22:50 The Wire

    S4 E4 Refugees Colvin pitches his pilot programme to the school, while Carcetti has a meeting with an influential group of ministers. Having transferred to Homicide, Greggs is assigned by Burrell to the high-profile witness case in an attempt to stall the investigation and Freamon joins Bunk to try to locate his missing murder suspect. After Marlo rejects an alliance with the New Day co-op, Proposition Joe gives Omar the address of a high-stakes card game he will be attending.

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