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  • 00:10 Monster Hunter

    Transported to a strange world, Lt. Artemis and her team of elite soldiers join forces with a mysterious hunter to battle dangerous and powerful monsters that rule their domain with deadly ferocity.

  • 02:15 Commando

    The ex-leader of an elite military task force is pressed back into service when his daughter is kidnapped.

  • 03:55 Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA

    S6 E2 Pantaleone's Gordon heads to Pantaleone's in Denver, Colorado, where he meets the Italian restaurant's owner Pete, who is truly stuck in the past. Pete stubbornly maintains that he makes the `Best Pizza in Denver', based on a review from the 1980s.

  • 04:45 Couples Come Dine with Me

    S7 E13 Glasgow In Glasgow, Kirsty and Alistair, Mark and Claire, and Elvis impersonator Adrian and Amanda compete in a week featuring karaoke, edible bowls and a bizarre game of musical chairs.

  • 05:40 Grand Designs New Zealand

    S4 E1 Britten Stables The daughter of world-famous motorbike inventor John Britten takes on the challenge of restoring their family home in Christchurch, New Zealand, which took a lot of damage during an earthquake.

  • 06:30 Undercover Boss USA

    S4 E10 O'Neill Clothing Toby Bost, the CEO of O'Neill Clothing, one of the biggest action sport apparel companies in the world, goes undercover posing as a contestant on a reality TV show who is trying to win money to open his own surf shop.

  • 07:20 Hollyoaks Omnibus

    E8 Romeo gets caught in the middle of his dad's mess. Yazz has a choice to make, and gives Peri some advice. Ethan dishes out some harsh home truths to Dilly. And will a fugitive be found out?

  • 09:20 Cheers

    S10 E23 Bar Wars VI: This Time It's for Real The rivalry between Cheers and the Old Towne Tavern, now under new ownership, continues, when Sam pulls pranks on a competing bar owner. Meanwhile, Rebecca gets an exciting make-over.

  • 09:45 Cheers

    S10 E24 Heeeeeere's ... Cliffy! Norm convinces Sam to install a satellite dish at Cheers. Carla finds a cheap one, however, it does not come installed. Despite not knowing how to do it, Sam and Woody try. Meanwhile, Cliff submits a joke to 'The Tonight Show'.

  • 10:15 Cheers

    S10 E25 An Old-Fashioned Wedding Woody and Kelly want to consummate their wedding early; Carla forecasts wedding-day trouble.

  • 10:40 Everybody Loves Raymond

    S3 E21 The Getaway Debra and Ray are trying too hard to have a good time while on a romantic weekend in Vermont. Meanwhile, Marie spies on Robert, who is left to babysit the kids.

  • 11:05 Everybody Loves Raymond

    S3 E22 Working Girl When Debra gets a job, Ray isn't happy to have to help with the housework and Marie worries about the effect it will have on the family, but Debra's career could be over before it's begun.

  • 11:30 The Simpsons

    S12 E12 Tennis the Menace A family trip to the mortuary inspires Homer to build a tennis court in the back garden, but Homer becomes jealous of Bart's greater ability and swears revenge at the Krusty Klassic, a tournament in aid of victims of balcony collapse.

  • 12:00 The Simpsons

    S12 E13 Day of the Jackanapes When Sideshow Bob is released from prison, he sets about hypnotising Bart in order to kill Krusty the Clown.

  • 12:30 Sunday Brunch

    Craig David and Wes Nelson tell us about their new single. Paul C Brunson chats about his new book. Lemar talks about his tour. And there's live music from The Snuts.

  • 15:30 The Simpsons

    S12 E14 New Kids on the Blecch Bart, Milhouse, Ralph and Nelson are recruited by boy-band creator LT Smash, and 'N Sync pay a visit to Springfield.

  • 16:00 The Simpsons

    S12 E15 Hungry Hungry Homer As a result of becoming a Good Samaritan, Homer discovers that the Springfield Isotopes baseball team are planning to move to Albuquerque, so he decides to go on hunger strike, but how long will it last?

  • 16:30 The Simpsons

    S12 E16 Bye Bye Nerdie Lisa makes friends with a new girl at school, who then starts to bully her. Lisa does some research into bullying and identifies a `nerd scent' that attracts bullies to nerds, so she invents an antidote.

  • 17:00 The Simpsons

    S12 E21 Simpsons Tall Tales The Simpsons win a holiday but Homer refuses to pay the airport tax and decides the family should travel by goods train. On the train, they meet a hobo who regales them with his own versions of classic American tales, starring the Simpsons as, among others, Paul Bunyan, Connie Appleseed and Tom Sawyer.

  • 17:30 The Dog House

    S2 E7 Lexi seeks a bedtime buddy. Jasmine wants a pooch now her twin sister's leaving for uni. And a rare cross of lurcher and old English sheepdog helps a priest find his inner silliness.

  • 18:35 A Place in the Sun

    Mijas Costa Laura Hamilton is helping sisters Sheila and Jean find their dream holiday home in and around Spain's Mijas Costa. With a budget of £120,000, they're looking for a two-bedroom apartment with a communal pool that's not too far from the beach.

  • 19:35 Dream Life for the Same Price

    S1 E1 Jean Johansson hopes to prove you can live your dream life for the same price you're paying now, as she guides Christy and Allister from Belfast to the north coast of Northern Ireland in search of a new life for their family in the country.

  • 20:40 Kirstie and Phil's Love It or List It: Brilliant Builds

    We look back at Alex and Danny, who wanted to transform the attic in their Preston three-bed semi. Alex wanted to convert the loft into a luxurious bedroom, so Kirstie came up with a masterplan to help Danny fall back in love with the house.

  • 21:10 Channel 4 News

    Includes sport and weather.

  • 21:40 Ancient Egypt by Train

    S1 E3 Luxor Having seen the treasures of Tutankhamun in a Cairo museum, professor Alice Roberts takes the train to Luxor to see his tomb and his mummified body in the Valley of the Kings.

  • 22:45 The Great Pottery Throw Down

    S7 E8 It's the quarter-final and the remaining five potters make vintage-style water filters to fire in their own oil drum kilns, and throw and alter a coffee filter in a surprise second challenge.

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