• 00:00 The Nevermets

    Leah prepares to meet her American lover Chad after two months of talking online. Jay and Veena and Jgoy and Sarah await a decision on their visas. And Mazi finally shows up for Dumebi.

  • 01:05 The Inbetweeners Movie

    Now that their final year of school is over, friends Will, Simon, Neil and Jay are off to Crete for a holiday. Hoping to get as much sun, sea and sex as possible, the boys quickly find more trouble than they had bargained for.

  • 02:55 Skyscraper

    Will Sawyer is a former FBI agent and U.S. war veteran who now assesses security for skyscrapers. While he's on assignment in China, the world's tallest and safest building catches on fire -- and Will gets framed for it. Now a wanted man and on the run, he must find those responsible, clear his name and somehow rescue his family members when they become trapped inside the inferno.

  • 04:35 Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back

    S2 E6 Bayou on the Vine Gordon visits Bayou on the Vine, a family-run Cajun restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, where he redecorates the premises with a jazz theme and upgrades the menu.

  • 05:25 Come Dine with Me

    E46 Essex: Corinna The competition is in and around Essex, where first host is 46-year-old head teacher Corinna. She hopes her royal themed evening, regal cuisine and larger than life hosting be enough to win her the cash prize.

  • 05:50 Come Dine with Me

    E47 Essex: Paul In and around Essex, second host is 47-year-old money broker Paul who is out to impress with fine dining. He hopes his love of fancy restaurants and posh nosh will be reflected in his own cooking and be enough to win him the cash prize.

  • 06:15 Come Dine with Me

    E48 Essex: Harmy In and around Essex, the third host is 43-year-old teacher and mother of four Harmy, who hopes to spice up her guests' lives and bag the prize by serving up an authentic Punjabi feast.

  • 06:40 Come Dine with Me

    E49 Essex: Adam In and around Essex, fourth to host is 25-year-old recruitment consultant Adam. He is hoping to exceed expectations with a menu of posh nosh at his dad's house and win the final cash prize.

  • 07:05 Come Dine with Me

    E50 Essex: Grace On the final night from in and around Essex, 24-year-old recruitment consultant and lover of all things Essex, Grace hopes to dazzle her guests with a glamorous party, Essex-style with her menu full of homemade grub, party games and more.

  • 07:35 Escape to the Chateau

    S7 From the discovery of the old 19th-century wash house to the pepper pot tower library, we revisit some of the Strawbridges' best moments at the chateau from series seven of the show.

  • 07:45 Frasier

    S5 E6 Voyage of the Damned Frasier agrees to give a celebrity lecture on a cruise to Alaska and invites Niles and Martin to join him.

  • 08:10 Everybody Loves Raymond

    S9 E16 The Finale Events take a dramatic twist in the last-ever episode. Ray fears getting his adenoids removed, but Debra convinces him to go through with the surgery.

  • 08:35 Everybody Loves Raymond

    S1 E1 Pilot Ray Barone's life seems perfect: he's a successful sportswriter living with his wife Debra and three kids, but trouble comes in paradise in the shape of his interfering mother, grumpy father and resentful brother. In this opening episode of the series, Debra wants a peaceful birthday with Ray, so he tells his parents and brother that there's no party: a lie with embarrassing consequences.

  • 09:00 Frasier

    S11 E9 Guns 'N Neuroses Lilith's friend unknowingly sets her up on a blind date with Frasier, and Niles and Daphne urge Martin to get rid of his gun.

  • 09:25 Frasier

    S11 E10 Seabee Jeebies Frasier becomes jealous when Maris' murder trial makes Niles a celebrity, and Roz has trouble dealing with her insulting sister.

  • 09:50 Alvin and the Chipmunks

    Three singing chipmunks are happily residing in a lovely tree until their green home gets chopped down and taken to be the Christmas tree in the reception of an LA record company. There, they buddy up with failing songwriter Dave, who realises the talented critters have got the potential for big musical success. When the chipmunks are signed by big-shot producer Ian, will fame and fortune go to their heads?

  • 11:40 The Simpsons

    S11 E19 Kill the Alligator and Run In Florida, Homer gets swept up in spring break revelry and accidentally runs over a legendary swamp alligator.

  • 12:10 The Simpsons

    S11 E20 Last Tap Dance in Springfield Lisa enrols in a dance school run by a former child star, and Bart and Milhouse camp out at a shopping mall for a week.

  • 12:40 The Simpsons

    S11 E21 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge A jilted bride moves in with the Simpsons and smothers Homer and the children with motherly love, driving Marge mad.

  • 13:10 The Simpsons

    S18 E11 Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Three Times Homer is accused of treason in post-revolutionary France. Milhouse leads a nerd rebellion and mysterious crime fighter `Red Revenge' takes to the streets.

  • 13:40 The Kid Who Would Be King

    Old-school magic meets the modern world when young Alex stumbles upon the mythical sword Excalibur. He soon unites his friends and enemies into a band of knights who join forces with the legendary wizard Merlin. Together, they must save mankind from the wicked enchantress Morgana and her army of supernatural warriors.

  • 16:00 Couples Come Dine with Me

    S7 E27 County Antrim In County Antrim, newlyweds Rebecca and Gareth, Nel and Billy, and Mandy and Jim compete in a week featuring a Mexican fiesta, risky puddings and a vegetarian who doesn't like vegetables.

  • 17:00 Four in a Bed

    S17 E66 The Lazy Pug The first visit this week is to The Lazy Pug in Warwickshire. Friends Ash and Rosie are hoping to win over their guests with quirky rooms and a healthy dose of neon lights, but it all proves a bit too bright for some of the B&Bers.

  • 17:30 Four in a Bed

    S17 E67 Crofts Hotel Cardiff is calling for the B&Bers as they head to Crofts Hotel in the Welsh capital, run by experienced chef Lorraine. The guests are left uninspired by the bland decoration in their rooms, and the prevailing feeling is that everything's a bit basic.

  • 18:00 Four in a Bed

    S17 E68 The Hollybush Inn Third to host is Anthony, at The Hollybush Inn in Priors Marston, Warwickshire. His 16th-century coaching inn has plenty of history, and the B&Bers are wowed at first, but then they discover that the cleanliness needs bringing up to date.

  • 18:35 Four in a Bed

    S17 E69 The Pretty Thing Glampsite The B&Bers are off glamping for the final visit of the week, at The Pretty Thing glampsite in St Osyth, Essex, run by Phil. There's a melee of mixed emotions when the guests arrive, with Lorraine and Anthony left feeling cold by the communal showers.

  • 19:05 Four in a Bed

    S17 E70 Payment Day It's the final day of the competition, and the B&Bers reconvene to feud about facilities, bicker over beds and cross swords over sausages, before the payments are revealed and the winner is announced.

  • 19:35 A Place in the Sun

    Costa del Sol Father and son Michael and Sami want to buy a holiday home with a pool on Spain's Costa del Sol. Laura Hamilton shows them five fantastic properties that fit their £280,000 budget.

  • 20:30 Channel 4 News

    Includes sport and weather.

  • 21:00 Devon and Cornwall: Fishing Lives

    Programme celebrating Devon and Cornwall, two counties linked by a shared heritage of fishing. We meet some of the people whose lives revolve around the 1000 miles of coastline and its bountiful waters.

  • 22:00 Fisherman's Friends

    A cynical London music executive hears a singing group of ten Cornish fisherman while on a stag weekend and believes that they can achieve a top ten hit. The difficult part is convincing them he's right and getting them to sign up.

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