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  • 00:00 A League of Their Own: European Road Trip

    S2 E2 Swimming with sharks, tomato-throwing, and beach soccer are on the cards as the boys team up with some special guests in Spain, including Alan Carr and Romesh Ranganathan.

  • 01:00 Fantasy Football League : Jill Scott, Jon Richardson

    S3 E4 Former England international footballer Jill Scott and comedian Jon Richardson enter the dugout as they share their thoughts on the beautiful game with hosts Matt Lucas and Elis James.

  • 01:35 Freddie Fries Again

    S2 E1 Northumberland Freddie Flintoff reunites with Rob Penn to climb back aboard his chip van for a brand new adventure as they start their search for deep-fried food fans in Northumberland.

  • 02:35 Ted

    S1 E3 Ejectile Dysfunction Ted and John go to extraordinary lengths so that John can watch his first adult film, while Matty and Susan's disappointing night out leads Susan to question their relationship.

  • 03:25 From

    S1 E7 All Good Things Father Khatri tells Boyd why he believes Sara may be useful while Jim and Tabitha find comfort in each other. Colony House celebrates the one-year anniversary of Fatima's arrival with a party that goes terribly wrong.

  • 04:30 Road Wars

    S4 E3 Simon and Chris catch up with someone they have previously stopped for drug possession, but it is his passenger who has got the drugs this time around.

  • 05:00 Magnum P.I.

    S5 E18 Extracurricular Activities Magnum and Higgins are hired by a University of Oahu dean to quietly investigate a professor who has been accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a female grad student; TC and Katsumoto take Cade and Dennis on a father-son camping trip.

  • 06:00 There's Something About Movies

    S1 E2 Alan Carr tests who knows their Avengers from their Transformers as he quizzes the knowledge of Lily Collins, Rupert Everett, Jonathan Ross, and Nish Kumar.

  • 07:00 Stop Search Seize

    S1 E1 Customs officer Bruce Heller demonstrates why colleagues refer to him as 'Bruce Almighty', and not every encounter with officials proves tense, as some even turn out romantic.

  • 08:00 Stop Search Seize

    S1 E2 Customs officer John Heffernan organises an operation to intercept illegally imported cigarettes entering Ireland by road.

  • 09:00 MacGyver

    S3 E9 Specimen 234 + PAPR + Outbreak MacGyver and his team race to recover a vial containing a deadly virus that was stolen from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta.

  • 10:00 MacGyver

    S3 E10 Matty + Ethan + Fidelity Matty reveals the shocking secret that her husband has been under cover in a criminal organization for eight years. When his status as a CIA agent is exposed, Matty needs MacGyver to find and extract her husband before it's too late.

  • 11:00 MacGyver

    S3 E11 Mac + Fallout + Jack Mac and Jack's mini-vacation is cut short when someone from their past abducts them and locks them in a concrete room; Matty tasks Riley, Bozer and Leanna with stealing a diamond encoded with terrorist intelligence from a princess in Milan.

  • 12:00 NCIS: Los Angeles

    S13 E17 Genesis The team helps Naval intelligence officer Akhil Ali locate a fellow officer who went missing while recruiting foreign assets as potential sources of intelligence, while Callen and psychologist Nate Getz track down a man.

  • 13:00 NCIS: Los Angeles

    S13 E18 Hard for the Money NCIS investigates the murder of a woman employed in the Navy's missile defence programme and its connection to stolen Navy missile technology; a strict social worker stresses out Deeks; Sam debates selling his boat.

  • 14:00 NCIS: Los Angeles

    S13 E19 Live Free or Die Standing The NCIS team works with Drug Enforcement Administration agent Talia Del Campo to find a missing whistleblower set to testify against gun manufacturers marketing to drug cartels.

  • 15:00 NCIS: Los Angeles

    S13 E20 Work & Family NCIS investigates after two men are blown up by their own explosives while attempting to break into a military base; Callen wants to take the next step with Anna; Sam moves in with his father.

  • 16:00 NCIS: Los Angeles

    S13 E21 Down the Rabbit Hole The NCIS team must quickly find Callen after he falls for Katya's trap using Sam's deepfake to coordinate a weapons deal.

  • 17:00 Grimm

    S1 E21 Big Feet Juliette witnesses a murder committed by a creature who is unable to maintain his human form. Nick follows the leads and ultimately discovers that there may be more than one creature suffering from the same issue.

  • 18:00 Grimm

    S1 E22 Woman in Black Nick and Hank find a mysterious woman interfering in their case. Meanwhile, the cursed coins resurface.

  • 19:00 Grimm

    S2 E1 Bad Teeth Nick joins forces with his mother to chase the sadistic `mauvais dent' monster murderers, who are after six golden coins, part of the key to a terrible secret that has been kept since the Crusades.

  • 20:00 Grimm

    S2 E2 The Kiss Monroe and Rosalee race against time to save Juliette, as more details emerge about the source of her illness.

  • 21:00 Stargate: The Ark of Truth

    SG-1 team embark on their deadliest mission yet. With the fate of Earth hanging in the balance, and a double-agent is scheming among them, will they succeed?

  • 23:00 An Idiot Abroad

    S2 E1 Desert Island Karl heads to Vanuatu to spend time on a desert island and has some interesting experiences during his travels, featuring bungee jumping and exotic underwear.

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