• 00:00 The Expendables 2

    A mercenary and his team cut a swath of destruction through opposing forces as they take revenge for the vicious murder of a comrade.

  • 01:00 FYI Daily

    News from the world of entertainment.

  • 01:05 The Expendables 2

    A mercenary and his team cut a swath of destruction through opposing forces as they take revenge for the vicious murder of a comrade.

  • 02:00 Motorsport UK

    E6 Richard John Neil takes a look at the action across a variety of the UK's domestic motor sport championships.

  • 02:55 Auto Mundial

    E26 The latest news and reviews from the motor industry.

  • 03:25 Motorsport Mundial

    E26 The latest motorsport news and action from around the globe. From Superbikes to Formula 1, Motorsport Mundial has the latest action and talking points from the motorsport world.

  • 03:50 From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

    S2 E8 The Last Temptation Of Richard Gecko The final pieces of the big job are falling into place, but the trust between brothers and partners begins to crumble in light of new betrayals and loyalties.

  • 04:40 Unwind with ITV

    S3 E147 A daily delivery of bespoke Mindfulness content designed to calm the mind and encourage relaxation and reflection.

  • 05:00 Teleshopping

    Presenting the latest products live on television so viewers can order the items they want directly, featuring products ranging from vacuum cleaners and bath towels to sports equipment.

  • 08:00 World of Sport : Kings of the Canvas

    Richard Henwood takes a look back at the glory days of British Wrestling with some classic action from the ITV sports archives.

  • 08:10 Minder

    S10 E2 Another Case of Van Blank Arthur and the gang take a trip across the channel to make the most of the duty-free prices.

  • 09:05 The Sweeney

    S4 E5 Nightmare A 'lorry drag' takes place, leaving two men dead and a consignment of cigars missing. Meanwhile, Regan's girlfriend has a nightmare that has bizarre similarities with the incident.

  • 10:00 The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

    S5 E1 The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax The hotels of Europe are Watson's hunting ground when Holmes sends him out alone to search for a missing Englishwoman. But they soon discover the trail is hotter in London.

  • 11:10 Magnum, P.I.

    S7 E22 Limbo Lying near death from a bullet wound, Magnum's spirit visits each of his closest friends though they are unable to see him.

  • 12:15 UEFA EURO 2024 : Highlights

    Celina Hinchcliffe presents a round-up of Day 11 of Euro 2024 that includes match highlights of the final fixtures in Group B.

  • 13:20 BattleBots

    S5 E3 Stop! Hammer Time! Legendary hammer-bot Beta returns to face off with Rotator, one of the deadliest horizontal spinners on the planet. Later, two rising stars attempt to stake their claim in the contest as Gruff pits its dual-flamethrowers against Hypershock.

  • 14:20 The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

    S5 E2 The Problem of Thor Bridge When a beautiful young governess is accused of murder, her employer calls upon the services of Sherlock Holmes, and it is up to him to prove her innocence before it is too late.

  • 15:20 Magnum, P.I.

    S8 E1 Infinity and Jelly Doughnuts Magnum's mother and his close friends gather as the intrepid private eye's life hangs in the balance.

  • 16:25 Kojak

    S5 E20 Photos Must Credit Joe Paxton A photographer becomes the prime suspect in a jewel theft and phony kidnapping of a former actress in which he photographs.

  • 17:30 Minder

    S10 E3 All Things Brighton Beautiful Arthur arranges a safe house for his friend Sidney who's on the run from a murder. Unfortunately, the safe house turns out to be Dave's sister's caravan.

  • 18:35 The Sweeney

    S4 E6 Money, Money, Money Regan and Carter set out to uncover the identity of a mystery caller when Eddie Monk wins the pools, only to then receive blackmail threats about the part he once played in a robbery.

  • 19:40 BattleBots

    S5 Flames of Wrath! A fiery confrontation is guaranteed as Gruff enters the field with its fearsome dual flamethrowers - its target is Will Bales's Hypershock, which has now been completely redesigned for its latest quest for the Giant Nut.

  • 20:45 UEFA EURO 2024 : Group C: Denmark v Serbia

    Coverage from UEFA Euro 2024 as Group C reaches its climax with Denmark playing Serbia in Munich while England take on Slovenia in their last group game in Cologne.

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