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  • 01:15 Endeavour

    S8 E3 Terminus It's winter 1971, and the team are called to investigate the violent and peculiar murder of an Oxford college don. But when Thursday makes an unexpected discovery, Endeavour's suitability to work on the case is compromised, and he is side-lined. Meanwhile, things at home become quite tense for Thursday and Win when they receive disturbing news from abroad. Although, officially off the clock, Endeavour follows a lead, unravelling an intricate plot beyond his wildest imagination.

  • 02:55 Wycliffe

    Wycliffe and the Cycle of Death A bookshop owner in Penzance is brutally murdered, and Wycliffe discovers all is not well among the members of one of the area's most respected families.

  • 04:15 Bless This House

    S2 E7 Get Me to the Match on Time Sid's plans for Saturday afternoon do not include Jean's sister, and if she doesn't change her arrangements Sid will have to take to his bed.

  • 04:45 Bless This House

    S2 E8 Wives and Lovers Sid's bad time keeping prompts Jean to check his movements, only to discover that her husband has a date the following evening.

  • 05:10 Unwind with ITV

    S3 E88 A daily delivery of bespoke Mindfulness content designed to calm the mind and encourage relaxation and reflection.

  • 05:30 Teleshopping

    Presenting the latest products live on television so viewers can order the items they want directly, featuring products ranging from vacuum cleaners and bath towels to sports equipment.

  • 09:00 Bless This House

    S2 E9 Never Again on Sunday Bored housewife Jean is overcome when set-in-his-ways hubby Sid agrees to go on a picnic, but their plans for the day end in disaster.

  • 09:30 Inspector Morse

    S3 E4 The Secret of Bay 5B Morse and Lewis investigate a baffling murder in a multi-story car park where the only clue is a diary and a parking ticket. A jealous husband, an unfaithful wife and a playboy architect add up to murder.

  • 11:40 The Durrells

    S1 E1 In 1935, beleaguered mother Louisa Durrell uproots her four children to build a new life in the island of Corfu. Will they survive in this untamed paradise?

  • 12:45 Mutiny on the Buses

    The second spin-off from the popular comedy series finds Stan wanting to get married. The rest of his family frown at the suggestion as they depend on his earnings, so he decides to teach his brother-in-law how to follow in his footsteps and drive a bus. The resultant comic set-piece is a treacherous spin through Windsor Safari Park.

  • 14:25 Foyle's War

    S2 E2 Among the Few Pilots and their girlfriends live fast and die young in a story of greed and passion, where Foyle finds appearances are deceptive.

  • 16:40 Foyle's War

    S2 E3 War Games When a British food corporation signs a secret agreement with the Nazis to provide essential food services to the enemy during wartime, murders result.

  • 18:50 Foyle's War

    S2 E4 The Funk Hole Foyle's investigation of the death of a young black marketeer and stolen food is interrupted by his suspension on charges of sedition.

  • 20:55 Rosemary and Thyme

    S2 E7 Swords Into Ploughshares Rosemary and Laura become involved when an archaeologist, who posed as Rosemary to gain access to the formerly perfect gardens of a large estate, is found murdered.

  • 21:55 Rosemary and Thyme

    S2 E8 Up the Garden Path The picturesque village of Rowfield is a hotbed of turmoil and dissent as the Garden Open Day Scheme approaches. As Rosemary and Laura investigate why the contestants' gardens are all afflicted with the same blight, last year's winner is found dead.

  • 23:00 The Larkins

    S2 E4 Wheels of Justice Ma and the children try to convince Pop to take the court case seriously, but he has more fun things on his mind. He is conducting his own defence in court. Meanwhile, Mariette and Charley make a welcome return home.

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