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  • 00:00 How I Caught the Killer

    S3 E6 Sievers: A Murder for Hire Mark Sievers refused to cooperate with the investigation into the brutal murder of wife Teresa, fuelling the suspicions police already had about him, but an unexpected hint helped solve the case.

  • 01:00 World's Most Evil Killers

    S6 E2 Robert Pickton The story of one of the most prolific serial killers in Canadian history, dubbed 'The Pig Farmer Killer' by the media, who murdered dozens of people until a missing persons investigation led to his arrest in 2002.

  • 02:00 Murder Uncut

    S1 E4 The Sergeant's Wife When Kemia Hassel rang up 911 whilst cradling her dying husband, police detectives had no idea that they would soon unravel a sinister murder-for-hire plot against the US Army sergeant.

  • 03:00 Killer Siblings

    S3 E10 Freemans Teen brothers rebel against their strict upbringing and become skinheads, and when their mother, father and younger brother are discovered murdered in their home, police begin a manhunt that leads them across three states.

  • 04:00 Mark of a Killer

    S3 E7 The Grim Sleeper A cold-blooded killer conceals his victims' bodies with trash, discarding them like garbage in the back alleyways of Los Angeles.

  • 05:00 Britain's Most Evil Killers

    S8 E4 Danville Neil After killing Billy Bryan and Annie Castle, Danville Neil escaped justice for 30 years but advances in forensics eventually caught up with him and helped to convict the murderer in 2020.

  • 06:00 Brit Cops: Law and Disorder

    S4 E1 Gun Arrest A drug dealer is trapped in an elaborate sting by the elite undercover crime squad, and there is a desperate scramble in the hunt for a gang that could be armed.

  • 07:00 Motorway Patrol

    S18 E6 A bike rider slides under a truck, a group of girls race each other as they hit the asphalt in their modified rides, and a balaclava-wearing knife-wielding man beside the motorway.

  • 07:30 Motorway Patrol

    S18 E7 A speedster rides up the barrier and cuts through the bushes, an abandoned car on the motorway is full of stolen gear, and a commuter destroys a $15,000 safety barrier.

  • 08:00 Highway Patrol

    S6 E7 Roadside Rumble A rumble by the roadside erupts when a driver with no licence and the wrong number plates on his vehicle goes head-to-head with an officer.

  • 08:30 Highway Patrol

    S6 E8 Brazen Burnout Officers deal with a drunk driver with a burning tyre and a hoon doing burnouts in an industrial area, while a car is clocked going twice the speed limit in a school zone.

  • 09:00 Border Security: Canada's Front Line

    S2 E10 An accidental detour leads two Canadians to a dead-end, and an ornate frame holds more than just a picture. Plus, a man is suspected of money laundering.

  • 09:30 Border Security: Canada's Front Line

    S2 E11 While an American traveller has trouble recalling his hazy past, bad decisions may keep a rugby player off the pitch. A bag is found in a restricted area, too.

  • 10:00 Border Security: America's Front Line

    S4 E3 A traveller returns from Colombia with a lot of luggage; a pregnant passenger in Detroit; a package from India is halted; a traveller is Washington is questioned.

  • 10:30 Border Security: America's Front Line

    S4 E4 An auto theft arrest in Detroit; dozens of vials in the JFK Mail Facility; an American traveller has reptiles; a traveller in New York shows signs of smuggling; a family reunites in Detroit.

  • 11:00 Nothing to Declare

    S10 E12 Customs deal with an agitated passenger who doesn't want to be searched. Meanwhile, quarantine officers catch a Chinese couple disposing of a high-risk item.

  • 11:30 Nothing to Declare

    S10 E13 A patrol boat races to rescue a sinking vessel crammed with people, and quarantine officers are left on high alert following an infestation.

  • 12:00 Stop Search Seize

    S1 E3 Officials uncover packages of weaponry that includes tasers and nun chucks, as well as another set of packages filled with cigarettes worth millions of Euros.

  • 13:00 Caught on Dashcam

    S3 E6 Counts down some of the most incredible, spectacular and hilarious real life crashes in the world. Video cameras capture massive pile ups, road rage and misguided overtaking manoeuvres.

  • 14:00 What the Killer Did Next

    S1 E8 Nicola Stephenson: The Identity Thief Killer Police investigators look for the perpetrator of a disturbing crime against a vulnerable woman when the body of Nicola Stephenson is found in a wheelie bin near where she lived in Lewes.

  • 15:00 Murders That Shocked the Nation

    S2 E7 Patrick Mackay: The Psychopath Fred Dinenage asks whether authorities could have prevented serial killer Patrick Mackay from committing at least three murders during a crime spree that followed his release from prison in 1972.

  • 16:00 Killer in My Village

    S7 E10 Kate Beagley After finding the body of Kate Beagley in Hertfordshire with multiple stab wounds, police detectives unmasked a killer with no obvious motive who murdered his victim while on a first date with her.

  • 17:00 World's Most Evil Killers

    S2 E7 Horst Kroner The disturbing and horrifying case of Horst Kroener, a 53-year-old German man sent to prison in 2016 for the brutal murder of his Filipina wife while she was sleeping in their bed.

  • 18:00 Britain's Most Evil Killers

    S8 E5 Nicholas Burton In 1997, Nicholas Burton murdered Rachel McGrath in Stockport before abducting a student at knifepoint just hours later in Manchester. After a complex trial, the killer was found guilty and handed three life sentences.

  • 19:00 How I Caught the Killer

    S2 E1 Assassins Greed DNA left on a cigarette butt leads police investigators to a brutal killer who murdered 84-year-old Kenneth Speakman and stole the retired clerk's collection of handguns in 1996.

  • 20:00 What the Killer Did Next

    S1 E8 Nicola Stephenson: The Identity Thief Killer Police investigators look for the perpetrator of a disturbing crime against a vulnerable woman when the body of Nicola Stephenson is found in a wheelie bin near where she lived in Lewes.

  • 21:00 World's Most Evil Killers

    S3 E6 Diane Downs Diane Downs was convicted of the May 1983 murder of her daughter and attempted murder of her other two children, yet she told police a stranger had shot the children while targeting her car.

  • 22:00 Britain's Most Evil Killers

    S6 E2 Trimaan Harry Dhillon The story of Harry Dhillon, who once attacked an ex-girlfriend in a jealous frenzy before brutally murdering Alice Ruggles after a campaign of harassment following the end of their relationship.

  • 23:00 Murder Uncut

    S1 E5 The Step Mom In 2020, Letecia Stauch reported that her 11-year-old stepson had not come home, triggering a massive search before police investigators uncovered a trail of deceit, secrets, and murder.

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