• 00:00 The Bourne Identity

    An amnesiac is rescued at sea by the crew of an Italian fishing boat. Nearly dead, he carries nothing but the bullets in his back and the bank account number embedded in his hip. Although completely without identity or background, he possesses an array of extraordinary talents in fighting, linguistics and self-defence that speak of a dangerous past.

  • 02:20 Never Mind the Buzzcocks

    S1 E6 Ms Banks, Maisie Adam & Rag'n'Bone Man Joining the gang for more musical merriment are comedian Maisie Adam, singer, songwriter and baritone enthusiast Rag'n'Bone Man, and coming from the East Side, rapper Ms Banks.

  • 03:10 Never Mind the Buzzcocks

    S1 E7 Shaun Ryder, Bez & Desiree Burch Greg, Daisy, Noel and Jamali have their hands full this week as former Happy Mondays members Shaun Ryder and Bez join the musical fun, along with American-born comedian Desiree Burch.

  • 04:00 Road Wars

    S2 E3 The chaps quickly arrest a teenager in danger of being harmed by residents as retaliation for his part in attacking a pensioner, and Mark and Jim take part in a high-speed pursuit through Taplow.

  • 05:00 Hawaii Five-0

    S6 E16 Ka Pohaku Kihi Pa'a (The Solid Cornerstone) When the task force's long-time informant is accused of murder, McGarrett brings in an old friend to defend him.

  • 06:00 S.W.A.T.

    S4 E5 Fracture Hondo is conflicted when asked to be the public face of a new outreach campaign meant to improve the LAPD's stature within the Black community; the team's search for a lone bomber reminds Tan of a difficult chapter in his childhood.

  • 07:00 Motorway Patrol

    S16 E8 Cameras capture a car crash as a drunk driver pushes his speed to the limit, and a man thinks that it is a good idea to hitch a ride with the police.

  • 07:30 Motorway Patrol

    S16 E9 Police call on multiple units and a helicopter as they hunt a stolen Subaru, and a cyclist cannot quite comprehend why he is unable to bike along the motorway.

  • 08:00 Isadora Moon

    S1 E13 Flight Fright During a vampire flight, Isadora takes a tumble and does not want to fly anymore, but she ends up getting stuck up a tree when she decides to shapeshift into a kitten instead.

  • 08:10 Isadora Moon

    S1 E14 The New Girl Ava arrives in Isadora's class and hurts her feelings by suggesting she is not a real fairy.

  • 08:25 The Croods Family Tree

    S1 E3 Game Nightmare When the Bettermans invite the Croods to join their family game night, two things become clear: Phil needs to win, and Grug hates to lose; as the competition heats up, Phil and Grug settle things in a high-stakes game-off.

  • 08:50 The Croods Family Tree

    S1 E4 What Goes Eep Must Come Dawn After a crowverine gliding mishap, Dawn loses her confidence and tells Eep she's taking a break from adventures; Eep convinces Dawn to join her on one last adventure; after a dangerous climb, Dawn realises she never lost her confidence.

  • 09:15 Draw with Will

    S1 E1 SpongeBob SquarePants World famous comic book artist Will Sliney draws SpongeBob SquarePants using simple shapes. Pro tip: add curves to show movement.

  • 09:25 Draw with Will

    S1 E2 Aliens Will creates three very unique aliens whose emotions can be easily shown with a few expressions, using simple shapes anyone can draw and curves already learned.

  • 09:35 LEGO: City Adventures

    S1 Cubs and Robbers When a movie promotion stunt goes wrong, a gigantic Cubby the Cop balloon is unleashed on the city and Lieutenant Duke must stop it.

  • 09:50 LEGO: City Adventures

    S1 Billy the Bug Freya McCloud, the fire chief, presents a defective propeller cap to his nephew for his birthday that takes him flying over the city. As McCloud and his team attempt to rescue him, Billy is having fun without realising the danger.

  • 10:05 Monkey Life

    S10 E4 Orangutan Lucky is moving home while young woolly monkey Lucas is causing concern. Meanwhile, little chimp Thelma is up to her usual tricks.

  • 10:35 Monkey Life

    S10 E5 There's a woolly bundle of joy for Pacaja, but is it a son or a daughter? The slow loris demonstrate just how they got their name when the team try to weigh them.

  • 11:00 Big Cat Country

    S1 E4 The Punks Strike Back The once-mighty MK pride finds itself scattered and in trouble, leaving the younger members at risk while the dominant males, Axel and Mohawk, hide after the four Nomads attempt a bold takeover.

  • 12:00 Big Cat Country

    S1 E5 Hollywoods Held Hostage The lionesses from the Hollywood pride are in grave trouble, with intruders occupying their prime hunting grounds and the four dangerous Nomad lions blocking their path home.

  • 13:00 Big Cat Country

    S1 E6 The Next Dynasty As the dry season nears its end, the MK pride faces its toughest moment when the survival of matriarch and best hunter, Surabi, hangs in the balance after a buffalo gores her, while one of the youngest members is lost and alone.

  • 14:00 Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager

    In the summer of 1995 Bobby Robson was diagnosed with cancer and given just months to live. Miraculously, less than a year later Robson was managing the legendary FC Barcelona.

  • 16:00 The Simpsons

    S21 E6 Pranks and Greens Groundskeeper Willie tells Bart about Andy Hamilton, a former student who was an even better prankster than Bart is.

  • 16:30 The Simpsons

    S21 E7 Rednecks and Broomsticks Lisa accepts an invitation to join a coven of wiccans and soon finds herself the chief witness in their trial for witchcraft. Meanwhile, Homer starts to hang out with his new pal Cletus after discovering the slack-jawed yokel makes moonshine.

  • 17:00 The Simpsons

    S21 E9 Thursdays With Abie Abe tells Marshall Goldman of the time he was on a World War II battleship and the story is later published in the Springfield Shopper. As a result, his Springfield popularity increases rapidly and he decides to `dump' Homer as his son.

  • 17:30 The Simpsons

    S21 E10 Once Upon a Time in Springfield Krusty's show is losing its female ratings and his executives implement the hire of new female co-star, Princess Penelope. Meanwhile, Mr Burns takes away the free doughnuts from the nuclear power plant.

  • 18:00 The Simpsons

    S21 E11 Million-Dollar Maybe Homer wins the lottery after skipping a date with Marge. Fearing Marge's rejection, he keeps his winnings a secret while showering his family with anonymous gifts.

  • 18:30 The Simpsons

    S21 E12 Boy Meets Curl Homer and Marge discover a game called curling whilst searching for a romantic date together. Meanwhile, Lisa becomes addicted to collecting Olympic pins.

  • 19:00 Deadman's Curse

    S2 E4 The Return To Hidden Valley After aborting his mission last season, lone wolf prospector David Muise returns undeterred and looking for a partner.

  • 20:00 World's First Battlefield

    S1 E1 Within a quiet valley lies a battlefield full of bones and weapons predating any previously discovered battleground. What experts unearth will rewrite our understanding of warfare.

  • 21:00 The Bourne Supremacy

    Jason Bourne is living in India when he is framed by Russian agent Kirill for the theft of millions from the CIA. Kirill begins to pursue Bourne, intending to assassinate him, but while Bourne and his girlfriend, Marie, are on the run, a shot meant for him kills her instead. Vowing revenge, Bourne sets out to prove his innocence and bring the culprits to justice, but he has to evade CIA head Pamela Landry, who is convinced he is guilty.

  • 23:00 Fight Night : WBO Cruiserweight Title: Chris Billam-Smith v Richard Riakporhe

    At Selhurst Park, an all-British showdown unfolds as Chris Billam-Smith looks to avenge his only loss while defending the WBO cruiserweight world title against Richard Riakporhe.

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