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  • 00:10 Red 2

    Former CIA black-ops agent Frank Moses and his team battle assassins, terrorists and power-hungry government officials as they try to retrieve a lethal device that could change the balance of world power.

  • 02:15 Ted

    S1 E3 Ejectile Dysfunction Ted and John go to extraordinary lengths so that John can watch his first adult film, while Matty and Susan's disappointing night out leads Susan to question their relationship.

  • 03:00 The Office

    S4 E16 Did I Stutter? Michael tries to give Stanley an attitude adjustment after Stanley snaps at him, Dwight decides to buy Andy's car, and after spending the night at Jim's, Pam deals with an unexpected inconvenience.

  • 03:30 The Office

    S4 E17 Job Fair Jim hits the golf course with Andy and Kevin in hope of landing a huge client, and Michael sets up a booth at a job fair at Pam's alma mater to hire a summer intern.

  • 04:00 The Office

    S4 E18 Goodbye, Toby Michael demands a huge celebration for Toby's goodbye party at Dunder Mifflin; Dwight and Meredith haze Holly (Amy Ryan), the new human resources person.

  • 04:30 The Office

    S4 E19 Goodbye, Toby Toby leaves Dunder Mifflin and Michael plans a huge goodbye party out of joy. Angela refuses to help with it, so Michael turns to Phyllis. Elsewhere, Dwight and Meredith harass Holly, their new HR representative.

  • 05:00 The Office

    S5 E1 Weight Loss Part 1 The staff compete in a weight loss challenge, becoming obsessed with diet and exercise, while Michael bonds with the new Human Resources girl Holly.

  • 05:30 The Office

    S5 E2 Weight Loss Part 2 The staff continue their weight loss efforts. Meanwhile, Andy plans his wedding to Angela, who is still having an affair with Dwight.

  • 06:00 Nothing to Declare

    S15 E8 A man from Amsterdam says he is visiting for a holiday, but his suspicious travel itinerary through China and an empty suitcase seem to tell a very different story.

  • 06:30 Nothing to Declare

    S15 E9 Three visitors from Malaysia raise alarms when it emerges that they've cancelled their accommodation just before their flight and their lies begin to unravel.

  • 07:00 Nothing to Declare

    S15 E10 When a Chinese bulk carrier docks in Newcastle it appears there's been a major security breach and what the Border Force officers find is shocking.

  • 07:30 Nothing to Declare

    S15 E11 Officers have plenty of questions when they check the past of an unemployed man who frequently travels business class, while another passenger carries very risky items in his luggage.

  • 08:00 Nothing to Declare

    S15 E12 Officers find something on a Bulgarian visitor's phone that may end his holiday earlier than planned, and two fruit pickers from Tonga have failed to declare prohibited items.

  • 08:30 Nothing to Declare

    S15 E13 Customs officers arrest a Vietnamese person wearing unusual jewellery, and a woman says she is just bringing snacks from Taiwan to her friends, but officers discover a shocking secret.

  • 09:00 Trolls: TrollsTopia

    S5 E1 Trollvial Pursuit; Life of Pie When a trivia game reveals that Poppy doesn't know as much about the Hard Rock tribe as she thought, Poppy decides to live amongst them; Holly Darlin' learns that Branch is a baking savant and trains him to become TrollsTopia's greatest pie maker.

  • 09:25 Abominable and the Invisible City

    S2 E4 Yi's Lili-Est Fan As Everest struggles with teenage growing pains, an adorable nine-year-old called LiLi arrives who's positively obsessed with the crew.

  • 09:50 Abominable and the Invisible City

    S2 E5 Qillin-Mania Superstar-level mania sets in when the renowned and prosperity-brining creature Qilin appears in front of Yi's building.

  • 10:15 Silly Pets

    S1 E12 A cat enters a competition for climbing in the silliest place and another kitty has a stinker of a problem with his owner's feet.

  • 10:20 Silly Pets

    S1 E13 Meet the broom-chasing dogs and the pets who have been making best friends with robot vacuums.

  • 10:30 The Brilliant World of Tom Gates 3

    S1 E9 Mrs Worthington's Secret Tom discovers that Mrs Worthington has a very musical secret, plus learn how to make an amazing puppet theatre.

  • 10:45 The Brilliant World of Tom Gates 3

    S1 E10 Delia's Present Tom never gets Delia's birthday present right, so this year has to be amazing, plus learn how to make a gift box.

  • 11:00 Monkey Life

    S8 E9 It's the day of the great ape move as Gordon's orangs swap houses with Sally's chimps. But it's a mammoth operation involving the veterinary team and the primate care staff.

  • 11:30 Trevor Phillips on Sunday

    Trevor Phillips interviews a range of high profile guests on some of the biggest news stories of the week.

  • 13:00 The Office

    S5 E3 Business Ethics When Holly leads a seminar on ethics, she realises how unethical the Scranton branch really is. Elsewhere, Jim tallies Dwight's `time theft'.

  • 13:30 The Office

    S5 E4 Baby Shower Following a burglary at Dunder Mifflin on the night of his third date with Holly, Michael organises an auction to replace what was stolen. Elsewhere, Pam has a job at corporate to help with finances.

  • 14:00 The Office

    S5 E5 Crime Aid Michael helps Holly move following her transfer to Nashua, NH. Meanwhile, Pam discovers people at corporate are less enthused about Halloween than she, and Dwight agitates Andrew by applying to Cornell.

  • 14:30 The Office

    S5 E6 Employee Transfer The annual customer survey holds shocking news for Dwight and Jim, and Jim and Pam make the most of their Bluetooth-enabled phones.

  • 15:00 Big Cats: An Amazing Animal Family

    S1 E1 Patrick Aryee comes within a whisker of some of Earth's most majestic predators as he embarks on a remarkable journey through the feline family tree.

  • 16:00 Big Cats: An Amazing Animal Family

    S1 E2 As Patrick Aryee delves into the feline family tree, the biologist witnesses gravity-defying 'catrobatics', tests the speed of a cheetah, and explores the odd-looking Pallas's cat.

  • 17:00 Islands

    S1 E3 Baffin Journey to the largest island in the Canadian Arctic and encounter Arctic foxes, white beluga whales, a never-before-filmed two-tusked narwhal, and more.

  • 18:00 Islands

    S1 E4 Borneo In Borneo, an unnamed species of spider is filmed for the first time, hunting other spiders on the Southeast Asian island where evolution is in overdrive, resulting in an explosion of life.

  • 19:00 The Simpsons

    S20 E20 Four Great Women and a Manicure The female members of the Simpson household make a trip to a nail salon and discuss whether a woman can be successful without a man at her side. Marge and Lisa each tell their own parodies of 4 classical stories, including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

  • 19:30 The Simpsons

    S20 E21 Coming to Homerica An outbreak of food poisoning at Krusty's restaurant chain is traced back to tainted barley in nearby Ogdenville, settled years earlier by Norwegian immigrants. Ogdenville Barley Mills is promptly shut down and Springfield finds itself swamped by the unemployed.

  • 20:00 The Simpsons

    S21 E1 Homer the Whopper Homer ends up with a superhero's physique after he is chosen to appear in a film based on a character created by Comic Book Guy.

  • 20:30 The Simpsons

    S21 E2 Bart Gets a Z Principal Skinner fires Mrs Krabappel after she makes a drunken fool of herself at the elementary school, but Skinner doesn't know that Bart spiked her coffee with alcohol.

  • 21:00 The Simpsons

    S21 E5 The Devil Wears Nada Marge poses for a calendar for charity, but she is soon the gossip of the city after she shows a little too much during her photo shoot.

  • 21:30 The Simpsons

    S35 E8 AE Bonny Romance When Groundskeeper Willie is kidnapped to Scotland, Bart and the Simpsons follow, only to be faced with Homer's worst nightmare.

  • 22:00 An Idiot Abroad

    S2 E1 Desert Island Karl heads to Vanuatu to spend time on a desert island and has some interesting experiences during his travels, featuring bungee jumping and exotic underwear.

  • 23:00 Secret World of Sound with David Attenborough

    S1 E1 Hunters and Hunted David Attenborough explores how animals rely on sound to hunt, escape, and fend off deadly predators as he follows great grey owls, kangaroo rats, and more fighting to survive in the wild.

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