• 00:50 An American Bombing: The Road to April 19th

    Explores the dangers of escalating homegrown violence in the United States by taking a look at the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in the country.

  • 02:50 Assassins

    Filmmaker Ryan White examines the circumstances surrounding the murder of Kim Jong-nam, the half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

  • 04:50 QPR: The Four Year Plan

    In 2007, Queens Park Rangers Football Club, facing relegation and bankruptcy, was rescued by four high-profile billionaires with a vision to take a community of reluctant fans, semi-talented players, and a roster of ever-changing managers to Premiership glory. The new owners, risking ridicule and commercial failure, allowed cameras to record the extraordinary roller-coaster ride.

  • 06:40 My Icon : Rachel Yankey

    S1 E17 England football star Rachel Yankey looks at some of the inspirational figures that have had an impact on her career.

  • 07:00 Discovering Film

    S11 E7 Jon Voight Delving into the life and career of Jon Voight, the Academy Award-winning actor who starred in 'Deliverance' and 'Coming Home' alongside roles in 'Midnight Cowboy' and 'National Treasure'.

  • 08:00 Discovering Film

    S11 E4 Jason Robards A glimpse into the life and career of Academy Award-winning American actor Jason Robards, who had starring roles in 'All the President's Men', 'Julia', and 'Melvin and Howard'.

  • 09:00 Discovering Film

    S11 E5 Richard Dreyfuss A glimpse into the life and career of Academy Award-winning Hollywood actor Richard Dreyfuss, whose starring roles have included 'The Goodbye Girl', 'Jaws', and 'Down and Out in Beverly Hills'.

  • 10:00 The Directors

    S8 E8 Nancy Meyers A look at the life and career of the Academy Award-nominated American filmmaker Nancy Meyers, known for 'The Parent Trap', 'The Holiday', and 'Something's Gotta Give'.

  • 11:00 The Directors

    S8 E9 Clint Eastwood A look at the life and career of the legendary Academy Award-winning actor-turned-director Clint Eastwood, known for 'Unforgiven', 'Million Dollar Baby', and 'American Sniper'.

  • 12:00 Dreams of A Nation

    The 2023 Cricket World Cup in cricket-mad India promised to be a special event. Could England retain their title? Would the hosts' dreams come true? We look back on the tournament.

  • 13:00 The United Way

    The story of Manchester United Football Club, co-written and narrated by Eric Cantona and featuring insight from David Beckham, Peter Schmeichel, Teddy Sheringham and more.

  • 14:50 My Icon : Chris Hughton

    S1 E25 Brighton and Hove Albion manager Chris Hughton discusses the individuals that have inspired him during his life and career.

  • 15:00 Sky Sports News Special : Football's Hidden Talent

    Documentary exploring the lack of British South Asian footballers, including interviews with players and key organisations. What is being done to solve this and how long will it take?

  • 16:30 Premier League Legends : Ian Wright

    Series profiling some of the greatest players to grace the Barclays Premier League. Here the focus is on former Arsenal striker Ian Wright.

  • 17:00 House of Kardashian

    S1 E1 The Velvet Hammer While living in San Diego in the 1960s, Kris Jenner had dreams of finding a husband, little realising that much bigger ambitions would be ignited with the end of her marriage to high-flying lawyer Robert Kardashian.

  • 18:00 House of Kardashian

    S1 E2 Sex, Lies & Videotape When a sex tape of Kim Kardashian is posted on the internet, the intimate recording drastically changes the lives of the Kardashians by catapulting the family name around the world and securing them an influential reality show.

  • 19:00 House of Kardashian

    S1 E3 The New Power Growing up in front of the cameras, Kylie Jenner has become an icon for younger generations, helping to keep the family relevant but putting pressure on the Kardashian dynasty to be socially responsible.

  • 20:00 The Beatles: Eight Days a Week -- The Touring Years

    Following the Beatles' legendary touring years, from performances at the Cavern Club in their hometown of Liverpool to their many concerts, the last of which came in San Francisco in 1966.

  • 22:00 The Jinx: Part Two

    S2 E5 Chapter 11: Mostly the Truth Kathie Durst's family hopes a conviction will bring closure as her body has never been found; Bob takes the stand and tells his version of events, but prosecutor Lewin examines the story a bit more closely than Bob expected.

  • 23:00 On the Line: The Richard Williams Story

    Richard Williams retraces his family's journey from the poverty-stricken streets of Louisiana to the grass courts of Wimbledon, fighting back against systems of racial oppression and changing the game of tennis forever.

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